Obtain OHSAS 18001 Certification to improve Health and Safety within any Organization

OHSAS 18001 is international standard requirements related to health and Safety Management Systems. It enables an organization to control, and knowledge of all relevant risks arising from normal operations and abnormal situations, and improves performance.

The main objective of the OHSAS 18001:2007 Certification is to say compliance with health and safety legislation, rather than organizations how to boost their business. It explains about what looks compliance and helps organizations to focus on results rather than the process of achieving them.

UntitledOrganizations of all kinds are increasingly concerned about achieving and demonstrating sound Occupational Health and Safety performance to their shareholders, employees, customers and other stakeholders by managing the hazards and improving the beneficial effects of their activities, products and services. Increasingly stringent legislation, the development of economic policies, human resources management and other measures are used to foster Occupational Health and Safety protection and welfare. A general growth of concern from stakeholders and other interested parties suggests a clear commitment to Occupational Health and Safety is required.

OHSAS 18001 Certification enables companies to manage health and safety risks while promoting well-being of employees and a safe working environment. It cannot manage health and safety leads to serious incidents. So as well as putting workers’ health is at risk, companies risk significant financial penalties, criminal and civil penalties and loss of reputation.

The internationally recognized OHSMS standard, OHSAS 18001:2007, works with existing management system of organization to a systematic approach to health and safety, assessing workplace hazards and implement preventive measures as part of day-to-day introducing operations. OHSAS 18001 Certification can easily help organization to demonstrate both the current and future legislation on health and safety at work.

This OHSAS standard was developed in response to demand from the market for health and safety management system standard against which organizations can be assessed and certified. It has become increasingly clear that companies want to manage health and safety in the same way as other core business activities. The implementation of a system that can be controlled, and goes beyond compliance with minimum legal requirements, enables organizations to take action to improve health and safety within the business environment.

The basic occupational health and safety management system elements are:

  • The formulation and maintenance of an occupational health and safety
  • Planning for hazard identification, risk assessment and risk
  • Implementation and operation of the system to achieve the policy goals
  • Checking the effectiveness of the system and the correction of deviations
  • Reviewing the management system by senior management.

How OHSAS 18001 Consultancy has effective role in terms of Health and Safety for any Organization

OHSAS 18001 is an international Occupational Health and Safety Management System. OHSAS 18001 provides a framework for the effective management of OH & S including compliance with legislation applicable to identified activities and risks. The standard is applicable to any organization that wishes to eliminate or minimize risk to employees and other stakeholders who may be exposed to risks associated with its activities.

OHSAS 18001 Consultancy is usually performed to prevent injuries and employee health problems, and to comply with the law and relevant standards. The benefits of better health and safety performance of companies are generally accepted and can include reduced costs, improved image and employee motivation. OHSAS 18001 Consultancy has Occupational Health & Safety trained professionals; OHSAS 18001: 2007 qualified lead auditors who have audited accounts OHSAS 18001:2007 systems in many organizations till date. Moreover, in the modern society the health promotion of employees in the workplace and a comfortable work environment are aimed for leading business for many organizations by this consultancy services.

OHSAS 18001 Consultancy Services for health and safety have proven to be an effective courtesy to organize and focus efforts of a company to minimize occupational hazards where technical improvements and oversight are legal limitations. Like other systematic approaches to management, they have helped to improve the performance of the company. Organizations that implement OHSAS 18001 under the guidelines provided by OHSAS 18001 Consultancy, have a clear management structure of authority and responsibility defined , clear objectives for improvement , with measurable results and a structured approach for the risk assessment. This includes monitoring health failures and security management, auditing of performance and review of policies and objectives.

Benefits getting implementation through OHSAS 18001 Consultancy:

  • Better control of risk related workplace and improving safety performance. Certified companies reported fewer accidents, reduced time loss and fewer workflow interruptions.
  • Significant reduction of the risk of occupational disease and better working conditions. Training and employee needs examination creates a stable, motivated and productive, resulting in cost reduction.
  • Ensure legal compliance with minimal administrative effort.
  • Improved corporate image that boosts international competitiveness.
  • Savings in operating costs through OHS programs
  • A small number of accidents at work.
  • Increased understanding of regulatory issues.
  • Clear demonstration of legal and regulatory compliance to regulators.
  • Improved risk management of health and safety on a scheduled basis and continues.
  • Ability to reduce the cost of liability insurance.
  • Increased access to new customers and business partners through an improvement.

What to Cover in OHSAS 18001 Checklists for Effective OHSAS Implementation

OHSAS 18000 is an international standard of work health and safety management system. OHSAS 18001: 2007 Developed by leading trade organizations and international standards, it provides a framework for organizations with appropriate and effective management of health and safety at work.

OHSAS 18001 Checklists is a list of the requirements of OHSAS 18001: 2007 and that questions can be used as an effective tool for the verification of implemented Occupational, health, safety management system. It is one of the key document that helps consultants or organization to check whether the implemented system and each department has developed system as per OH&S system requirements or not during internal or external auditing.

Sample OHSAS 18000 Audit Checklist:

  • General Requirements: Has a program been established?
  • OSH policies: What is the organization’s policy?
  • Planning For Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment And Risk Control: OHSAS 18001 Audit checklist of Planning for Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control.
  • Objectives: Has the organization established and maintained OSH objectives?
  • OSH Management Program(s): Are there programs to achieve all the identified objectives?
  • Structure and Responsibility: Are roles and responsibility, and authorities defined, documented and communicated?
  • Training, Awareness and Competence: Are procedures established and maintained to make employees aware of a – d above?
  • OHSAS 18001 Audit checklist of Consultation and Communication:  Are there procedures that are maintained for communications to and from interested parties regarding the organization’s pertinent OSH information?
  • OHSAS 18001 Audit checklist of Documentation: How has the organization documented the core elements of its OHSAS 18001 system?
  • Document and Data Control: Are there procedures for controlling and maintaining all documents (e.g., procedures and instructions) and/or data (e.g., engineering drawings and MSDS) required by this standard? Are the documents/data accessible (e.g., can the employee access the documents/data they need), including during an emergency?
  • Operational Control:  Have the operations and activities, including maintenance, been identified that are associated with the identified OSH risks where control measures need to be applied?
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response: Are there maintained procedures to identify potential for accidents and emergency situations?
  • Performance Measurement and Monitoring: OHSAS 18001 Audit checklist of Performance Measurement and Monitoring
    Accidents, Incidents, Nonconformance’s and Corrective and
  • Preventive Action: OHSAS 18001 Audit checklist of Accidents, Incidents, Nonconformance and Corrective and Preventive Action
  • Records and Records Management: Are preserved and documented procedures for the identification, maintenance and disposal of OHS records?
  • Auditing requirements: documented procedures and stored for periodic audits of the SST?
  • Review of management: A management conducted a review of the OSH management system on a periodic basis? Is it documented?

OHSAS 18001 – Occupational Health & Safety Auditor Training and its Benefits

OHSAS 18001 is an important international standard it deals with health and safety management at the workplace. Health and safety at work is one of the most pressing issues at the international level and is something that is of great concern for all businesses.

The objective of OHSAS 18001 is to allow those in charge of the execution or the head of an audit team to conduct audits of health systems and safety management OHSAS 18001 as against accordance with the principles OHSAS 18001.

The OHSAS 18001 Auditor Training provides an introduction to the principles of the audit of an integrated management system. The purpose of this training is to equip you with the knowledge and skills to conduct internal audits on standards and contribute to the continuous improvement of management system. Delegates are expected to have knowledge of health and security checks within organizations before attending this training.

On completion of OHSAS 18001 auditor training organizations can achieve following attributes:

  • Understand and implement their own safety management systems (SMS).traini-iso-ohsas-18001
  • Demonstrate organizational compliance with all relevant legal requirements.
  • Understand the importance of security policy and how it should be based on all significant risks identified within the organization.
  • Understand and demonstrate continuous improvement in the performance of the occupational safety and health.
  • Audit of conduct interviews, observe the process and review the documents to obtain objective evidence on the state of the system.
  • Prepare and present oral and written audit reports.
  • Identify nonconformities and allocate major or minor criteria.
  • Help you gain a full understanding of the laws and principles of OHSAS. In addition to which it also helps to understand the code of practice and standard.
  • Received this training, you will have the opportunity to make more clear and effective method of assessing the risk of any danger that was detected at work.
  •  It provides the ability to accurately assess the current state of the health and safety of an organization.
  • Have the skills and knowledge to plan and conduct third party audits against the requirements of OHSAS 18001: 2007 health safety management systems and reporting results.
  • Understand the importance of the evidence, corrective action and monitoring of performance.

Key Benefits of OHSAS 18001 – For Occupational Health and Safety

The series of health and safety assessment OHSAS 18001 work in helping organizations develop policies and business objectives of health and safety. The results of the implementation of the system by demonstrating concern for employees and safe workplace. The standard may be applied to the Industrial and service sector.

A Health Management System and safety at work effectively promotes a safe and healthy working environment by providing a framework that allows your organization to identify and control the risks to health and safety, reduce the risk of accidents, legal support and improve the overall performance compliance.

The most important aspect of an OH & S management system OHSAS 18001  is the obligation to identify hazards in the workplace that could adversely affect the health and safety of employees in the organization and / or others who may be affected by the activities of the organization.

Benefits of OHSAS 18001:

  • A structured approach to hazard identification and risk management which can contribute to the provision of a healthier work environment and safer.
  • Minimize the risk – management health and safety more transparent and effective by translating the outputs of action audits.
  • Legislation – provides a means to identify the existing legislation and other relevant requirements to help you stay within the law.
  • Trust of stakeholders – increased credibility to have a management system OHSAS 18001 assessed independently.
  • Management System based – the “plan check act “based on this standard is in common with other management systems standards, which means that it is easier to develop an integrated system.

How to Make Easy Occupational Health and Safety System based on OHSAS18001

Companies that require complying Occupational health and safety legislation have to be compelled to bear in mind that it sounds intimidating and valuable; it may find yourself saving you and your company plenty additional within the finish. Non-compliance to the health and safety act may have so much reaching consequences that a lot of firms are not even attentive to.

An easy means of guaranteeing compliance would be to form use of a company who specialize in the occupational health and safety field as they’ll not solely guarantee compliance however conjointly provide recommendation and answer queries which will arise.

The OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety standard is ruled by Legislation and acts as a tenet to make sure that minimum needs are met. It consists of the OHSAS 18001 certification requirements to make sure that OH&S system met organizations apprehend what’s expected of them.

Ultimately, employers carry all responsibility in guaranteeing compliance with the OHSAS 18001 will minimize incidents / accidents occur, it might be the leader who takes responsibility; unless the leader is ready to prove otherwise. At the top of the day, the OHSAS18001 is there to safeguard the well-being of workers as a result of the actual fact that past expertise has shown several employers not taking the occupational health & safety considerations of workers seriously enough. Health and safety for a corporation consists primarily of 2 components, the primary one being the health and safety administration and therefore the second half being the physical half which can embody safety audits, person-job assessments, tool chest talks, etc.

If you own a corporation however don’t seem to be positive if you would like to abide by, or maybe if you’re unsure of the primary step to require in guaranteeing compliance, contact a corporation specializing within the health & safety field, they’ll be ready to guide you and make sure that you’re helped onto the correct track.

Requirements for Risk Assessment – OHSAS 18001

The OHSAS 18001 was utterly modified throughout the revision method.  Overall, these changes align OHSAS 18001 a lot of closely with alternative occupational health and safety management system standards like ANSI/AIHA Z10:2005.

This section currently sets out further details on each the inputs to be thought-about and therefore the methodology to be used for the OHSAS 18001 hazard identification and risk assessment process. Additionally, specific requirements are superimposed associated with management of change and for determinant acceptable controls to cut back the OH&S risks that are known.

The OHSAS 18001 international standard currently clearly links the requirements in 4.3.1 with those began in 4.4.6 thus it’s clear that the controls known throughout the Occupational Health & Safety System designing method ought to be enforced a maintained as an integral a part of operational control.

Overall, the process may be visualized as set out below:


In addition to those substantive changes to the quality, the definitions of hazard, risk and risk assessment have modified.  Hazard is currently outlined as a source, scenario or act with a possible for hurt in terms of human injury or unhealthiness, or a mixture of those.  Risk is outlined because the combination of the chance of an incident of a hazard event or exposure and therefore the severity of injury or unhealthiness that will be caused by the event or exposure.  Risk assessment is outlined because the process of evaluating the risks arising from a hazard, taking under consideration the adequacy of any existing controls, and deciding whether or not or not the danger is suitable.

It ought to be noted that alternative standards and guidance OHSAS 18001 documents could outline risk assessment to incorporate the complete method of hazard identification, risk analysis and choice of measures for risk reduction .OHSAS 18001 refers to every of those process on an individual basis and uses the term risk assessment to consult with the danger analysis process solely.

There are many various ways in which and approaches for conducting hazard identification and risk assessment.  Therefore, nobody approach can suit each organization. A company with restricted hazards isn’t needed to implement advanced risk assessment procedures. Additionally, differing types of hazards could need completely different risk assessment ways. For instance, the methodologies for evaluating the risks related to worker exposure to noise could also be clearly completely different from those used for evaluating instrumentality safety.  The methodologies chosen ought to be acceptable for the hazards known.

What is Managing Change an OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety?

The OHSAS 18001 international for Occupational Health and Safety. It was developed to assist organizations management and minimize Occupation Hazards and Risks. The 2007 version of OHSAS 18001 lays a robust stress on amendment. Occupational Health, Safety Standards are these days adopted by several organizations as a part of their company governance needs. Managing the amendment isn’t an easy exercise. Change will hit a corporation all of abrupt or it will someday be regulated and planned. Associate degree agile and a versatile organization can reply to amendment in rather more positive approach than a corporation with rigid and straight jacketed setup.

It is usually aforementioned that solely factor that is permanent during this world is amendment. One am passionate about it or one loathe, amendment can occur. If we tend to area unit ready, we can take them in our stride and march on and if we tend to aren’t ready then amendment will pass though U.S.A. and that we are going to be doomed. That the best thanks to tackle the amendment is to stay ourselves conversant and updated. Associate degree updated person are going to be a lot of aware of the planet dynamics and might weather the storm in a very a lot of sober and calm approach.

OHSAS 18001:2007 devotes substantial portion of its written standards on amendment. Once a corporation gets OHSAS 18001 certification below standards, it’s deemed that the actual organization has an Occupational Health and safety Management system in situ.

Any change would require an appraisal of operations and activities that area unit related to occupational hazards. Controls area unit needed to be reassessed in order that OHS risks arising out of amendment is addressed.

These New requirements of four.3.1 in OHSAS one8001:2007 covers the four necessary ideas.

  • Identification of Hazard(s) related to “Change”.
  • Assessment of Risks related to “Change”
  • Consideration of the OHS Hazards and Risks before the Introduction of “Change”.
  • Implementation of the Controls required dealing with the hazards and Risks related to the “Change”.

Best Practice for OH&S Management System Implementation

The Occupational health and safety is one among the important parts components of workplace management. It’s critically important that OHS auditor training and systems and maintained at their best levels of potency. The unhappy reality is that the Australian geographic point is one among the country’s most dangerous places. Statistically, workplace connected injuries are way worse than the road toll. Health and safety management training programs have created important inroads into this grim state of affairs; however the sole real remedy is in progress management.

Fundamental of Activity Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety is basically everybody’s responsibility within the workplace. The basic processes are straightforward, however completely essential:

  • Health and safety management systems: comprehensive business specific processes in situ to manage safety risk and regulative compliance.
  • Accountability: The business as a full must take safety seriously and hold folks responsible to their safety responsibilities.
  • Measuring Performance: the premise for continued improvement is that the measuring of OHS performance.
  • Resources: The folks, time and money resources to take care of and improve a health and safety management system.

Best Practice for OHSAS 18001 Training

OHS auditor training is necessary, with smart reason. OHSAS 18001 training must begin from the primary day of employment. The workplace contains hazards of varied sorts, and therefore the sooner the OHS Training begins, the safer the workers and therefore the folks they work with.

Occupational Health & Safety Training Including

  • Workplace hazards
  • Equipment hazards
  • Emergency procedures
  • Injury procedures
  • Safety requirements reared with the employer’s business
  • Reporting procedures
  • Emergency safety training

These coaching programs cut back risk and may save lives. They conjointly greatly improve the standard of the operating setting.

General Practice in Occupational Health and Safety

Best practice OH&S is an integral a part of risk management strategy, as well as the progressively in style self insurance management systems for medium and bigger employers. Best apply is outlined as:

  • Creation and implementation of comprehensive OHS and risk management policies, structure and programs
  • Management participation all told OHS systems and programs at numerous levels
  • Staff coaching- Job-specific coaching and training in respect to the necessities of commercial safety laws. This coaching is conducted beneath systematic review and observation.

This approach provides a good structure of OH & S training programs, management oversight and currency of knowledge. Safety consultants are the popular choice for creation of tailored Occupational Health & Safety and risk management systems and programs, to make sure compliance with law and potency operational. Consultants conjointly do OHS compliance and safety audits for self insurance functions.

Utilize Health Safety Policy Templates

Business owners shouldn’t consider granted the safety and welfare of their workers. In fact, the law needs businesses to come back up with their own health and safety policy. A company, regardless of however little, ought to have a policy for health and safety in place. The law mandates corporations with a minimum of 5 workers to come back up with a health and safety statement.

All the lot of, massive businesses and firms ought to come back up with an efficient ohsas health and safety policy. Businesses that operate in insecure environments, and people that possess high activity hazards, ought to take this exercise even a lot of seriously. Samples of such businesses are construction companies, contractors, mining companies, organic compound drillers, freight and supplying corporations, and therefore the like. These corporations additionally use an outsized variety of employees; therefore it’s vital that their health and safety are taken care of.

There is no excuse for business owners or company management to be neglectful in springing up with and change their Occupational Health and Safety policy. Small organizations might not have the budget to use the assistance of an expert advisor on structure development; however they need different resources that may be found freely on the net. These are health safety policy templates that may be downloaded from numerous different corporations, government agencies, or practice companies. Most are at no cost and may be decentralized also.

These ohsas 18001 occupational health and safety templates are an excellent tool for corporations to come back up with their own policy. Simply bear in mind that these templates are general outlines solely. They contain basic frameworks and things of data, totally on the minimum needed aspects that the law is remitted to hide. Specific operative circumstances, job needs, and different details have to be compelled to be crammed in by the several companies utilizing the model.

Remember that a model is simply a guide for corporations to develop their own OHSAS 18001 documentation. This total document is to be relevant to their specific level of operations and to matters of their own workers. A model shouldn’t be relied upon word for word. Instead, there is practice companies could also be able to provide a lot of custom made ohsas 18001 health and safety documents supported existing templates. They’ll charge a fee, however it’s going to still be stripped compared to a full-blown practice project by a corporation professional. Corporations on a good budget may wish to contemplate this different resource in springing up with their own health and safety policy statement.